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Fat Abbot

The steam autumn sale has arrived, and of course this is a huge strain on any respectable gamer’s wallet.

But one constant temptation even greater than steam is the humble bundle.

For those not in the know, the humble bundle is a regular sale of mostly (but not always) independent games, with a great philosophy: they’re always DRM free, they’re ‘pay what you want‘, and every time you buy something money goes to charity. It’s a win-win-win.

The current sale is for a bunch of android games, including one off the 1001 list I’d been meaning to try:

1001 No.88: ‘Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor’ (2009, iOS)


Though frankly it’s not worth your time. You’re a spider that has to go around trapping insects by making webs. There’s no danger; little wit required; I just don’t get it.

I put it down to the fact that *MAC BASHING ALERT* it originally came out on iOS, so iPhone users who played it probably thought using a touchscreen was amazing – they don’t really know what games are after all.


Spider is so lame I’d rather play one of the other games in the bundle: DESERT BUS.


Oh shit desert bus is so extreme – drive a bus in realtime across the desert for 8 actual real life hours.

It was originally created for Penn and Teller as a joke, but a joke that ended up raising tons of money through re-releases and charitable challenges. Over its lifetime Desert Bus has raised nearly $2m for charity.

Fuck yeah desert bus!

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  1. PimpMstGeneral PimpMstGeneral says:

    Fuck yeah desert bus!

    Who wouldn’t want to drive across the desert for 8 hours. I’m curious what the game complete screen looks like; Doom-esque wall of text perhaps?

  2. Pvt.Party Pvt.Party says:

    Complete Desert Bus? Challenge accepted!

  3. Fat Abbot Fat Abbot says:

    Apparently you are given 1 point, and are offered the chance of a return journey…


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