In the September of 2008 a group of gamers were united by a list written in the back of a small red note book. This list was to form the basis of Brad, Fen, Steve and Ross’ every existence. It became something so immersive it would seep into every crevice of their lives: their careers, bank balances, sexual success and mental well-being would all be affected by the very rules laid out in that book.

The deed was done, the promise was made – these men would play every game in the history of games. They would become

The Ultimate Condensed History of Gaming 

As the years passed, numerous games, retro consoles, an arcade machine, and many many stupid ebay purchases took place. Some may say this has started to spiral out of control: but we tend to think WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!



February 2013

New website launch.

The UCHG recovers from near certain annihilation – proving that just like Van Damme they only require a 0% chance of survival to succeed.

December 2012

An unprovoked and devastating attack on the UCHG sees it wiped from its hosting servers.

Four years of games, videos, laughs and stories are feared lost.

The UCHG are left reeling at the thought that this could be it…

April 2012

The UCHG hit the Gadget Show Live.


May 2011

Ross’s Left 4 Dead fan art breaks cover for the first time.


January 2011

The Top 5 is born

December 2010

The UCHG completes a 12 hour endurance race on TOCA: Race Driver 3 in the middle of a department store and makes the local news.


November 2010

Ross kills over 53,000 zombies in just under 3 days

October 2010

The UCHG runs some upgrades and releases a new website.

February 2010

Faced with the death of the legendary, hard-hitting portable video game console, SEGA PAYNE 2 tells the story of a maverick cop determined to track down the cure for a brutal illness.

December 2009

UCHG end of year interviews

August 2009

There are no words for how awesome this is

Steve's Doom

Febuary 2009

The Big Talk is born

September 2008

The Ultimate Condensed History of Gaming is born.

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